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When people’s social activity changed drastically in 2020, restaurant businesses proved their resilience and creativity and kept up their sales by rapidly pivoting to providing safe, contactless pickup and delivery services, creatively marketing their existing and new menu items, and using social media to keep their loyal customers engaged. These innovations allowed restaurants to keep up their sales while working under unique circumstances. Even though restaurants had to close their indoor dining rooms, those same businesses found ways to alter their menu and their services to remain open. Providing convenient mobile ordering and enjoying the subsequent rise in profits are trends that are here to stay.

While the energy to innovate and adapt is strong, Pae To Go, a mobile food ordering app, is on the scene to help you continue to grow your restaurant business and add to the increase in your sales. We have some tips for restaurant owners to grow your business while saving money and keeping costs down in this exciting season of creative restaurant sales.

Investment of PPP Funds

Use PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) funds to grow your business. While the majority of the PPP funds need to apply specifically to your payroll, you can use funds for other qualified expenses involved in your restaurant business such as supplier costs and software. These monies can be creatively applied to grow your business’s online presence through developing a robust online ordering system. You could add new items to your menu that are more easily packaged and available specifically for online orders. Perhaps you can invest in better photos and graphics that will set your menu apart from your competitors. Another eligible PPP expense might be payment systems making it easier for customers to pay online. Another use could be investment in a food truck that allows you and your business to go on the road, providing outdoor options at a time when people may still shy away from spending a lot of time in indoor dining rooms.

Efficient Use of Staff Time

Many restaurants are currently facing staff shortages, and over the course of a restaurant week, those shortages cause stress and potential loss of income to your business. Potential patrons might be turned away by long wait times and the vibe of an over-stressed staff. Mobile ordering will allow an effective use of your employees’ time by automating many time-consuming processes involved in phone ordering, for example. When sales can be seen through online orders, managers can plan better and fulfill orders efficiently, saving employee’s time and streamlining the order fulfillment process.

Money-Saving Tips

Using mobile ordering platforms for restaurants can save money in many ways. When customers place a one-time mobile order, the restaurant has only one transaction fee, in contrast with patrons who buy via multiple transactions. Buying more items in fewer transactions simply saves money. Mobile ordering can also protect against unnecessary food waste as the queue of online orders helps restaurants prepare only what is necessary. 45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often, and as these patterns develop and are tracked, restaurants can use their inventory more efficiently and reduce food waste.

Increasing Revenue

Compared to phone ordering, online orders can increase revenue for restaurants because less time is spent taking sales orders with the back-and-forth menu questions and indecision of customers (and everyone knows time is money). Also, potential for error through misunderstandings is reduced, increasing customer satisfaction (and potentially reducing food waste with incorrectly written down and filled orders). Phone orders tend to be smaller and less frequent as customers resist the time and potential errors mentioned above. Any time a restaurant business can improve its customer service, that establishment will get better feedback on social media and receive the benefits that positive social media comments can provide.

Considering these wise business practices can add to and increase your popularity among loyal and new customers, improve your reputation on social media, and promote careful use of the food resources necessary to your success.