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One of the fastest ways to increase your revenue for your restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, or other type of food service establishment is to make it easy for customers to use mobile ordering. Online ordering using ordering apps is becoming more and more popular. People want good food ordering experiences and mobile ordering provides that. Why not give people the mobile food experiences they want while also generating more revenue for your business?

How will using mobile ordering technology increase your revenue? Because the largest generation of Americans, millennials, who is the largest group of people with cell phones in their hands , is currently the same group of people who is spending more than any other generation on dining out. And they are doing it via mobile ordering. Placing online orders is almost second nature to millions of Americans and now making online orders for our meals is becoming more and more popular.

By making it easier for those who use cell phones the most AND are those who want most often to eat restaurant-prepared food, coffee, and other specialties to do so through mobile ordering, you can use these spending habits to your advantage. There’s no better time to connect those looking to place mobile orders for food with the items you have available on your menu.

Pae To Go provides a simple and effective mobile app that links to an online ordering system, providing the ease and convenience these customers are looking for. This generation of 83.1 million people who are currently in their mid-twenties through age forty are driving increases in mobile food ordering and subsequently providing gains for restaurants through what is projected to be $38 billion industry. Online ordering is not going away, rather, food ordering apps are growing in popularity. We all eat every day, and the technology of mobile food ordering makes that routine simpler and less stressful.

In addition to the effect the millennial generation is having on online food ordering trends, we see changes influenced by the past year’s pandemic life. Out of concern for safe and contactless restaurant experiences, many Americans developed patterns of mobile food ordering which allowed them to eat restaurant quality food at home. These trends in mobile ordering for take-out show no signs of diminishing. Mobile food ordering provides comfort and allows the many Americans who would rather order out an easy way to do so. The increase of customers placing orders online especially during this past year shows that more and people want the convenience that ordering apps provide.

Also, now that we are seeing some relief from the the isolation of this past year, and people’s schedules begin to fill up this spring and summer with games, meetings, work travel, and other events, the demand for quick, available food is bound to increase. Providing easy access to online orders will meet this need for last-minute meal planning as people get busier, go out more, and want the convenience of prepared food.

You have a unique opportunity to piggy-back on these activities and trends with an ordering app that customers will come to depend on for regular, on-the-go meal options. Mobile food ordering technology is your new best friend.

Consider the following ways that a smart mobile ordering system will grow your revenue through your current and future customers:

  1. Customers who use an online ordering system with a restaurant will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently than those who just walk in or place an order over the phone. By simply connecting with a mobile food ordering system, you can increase the frequency of people returning to your establishment and developing habits of repeat purchasing.
  2. Busy millennials and those of other generations value convenience, and convenient ordering alone makes it easier to spend money on restaurant purchases. People already have phones in their hands – making food ordering easy, with just a few clicks, will make customers happy by removing stress and saving them time.
  3. You have an opportunity to feature your higher-margin products in the app, maximizing your profit on such products. Customer are already spending more on orders they place off-sitecompared to the regular dine-in experience, so maximizing the return on this existing pattern will boost your revenue. This adds to the benefit of you get from the 34% of customers who spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online.
  4. You can easily bundle products and upsell through the app, promoting coffee with a muffin, for instance, or other items that customers would typically purchase together. Once you’ve done the work of creating bundled purchases and providing automatic suggestions for items customers might add to their orders, you’ll see the resulting increased sales when customers follow your recommendations.
  5. Pae To Go makes it simple for customers to place regular, repeating orders by remembering customer order information so people can easily buy what they bought last time. Routine orders become reliable, steady sources of revenue that you won’t even have to think about; you’ll just benefit from the regularity that patterns of ordering create. Customers will appreciate not having to create a regular order from scratch every time they open the app. When many of us can’t remember where we placed our car keys, we’ll be glad that an app remembers our favorite latte and muffin combination!
  6. Customers will have multiple easy check out options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or securely saved credit card information. These simple, safe procedures allow people to order with confidence and speed.
  7. Finally, when customers use your mobile food ordering platform, it will be easy to connect with your social media channels. The more positive reviews you get, the more likely future customers are to turn to your business.

These benefits cannot be overlooked when you as a restaurant or coffee shop owner are always on the lookout for creative, cost-efficient ways to widen your revenue stream. Join the club of those who are using useful mobile apps for online ordering that will increase revenue for your business.