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Is your food service business ready to meet the increased demand for mobile food ordering? Restaurant online ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014, and this monumental trend cannot be overlooked. If your restaurant does not currently use a mobile, online ordering system, your business might be left behind.

With six out of ten U.S. consumers ordering takeout or food delivery once a week, restaurants will need to adapt in order to meet this demand. Smart technology that will make mobile ordering easier is more important than ever. Mobile ordering systems in particular improve the customer experience by providing quick, remote access to a restaurant or coffee shop’s menu while providing the restaurant with incremental sales. They are quickly becoming not only a great option, but also a necessary one to provide for the ever-increasing demand for smart and efficient ways to order food remotely.

Enter Pae To Go, the newest universal food ordering app that will allow a customer mobile access to each of all their desired restaurants through one platform instead of searching by each individual restaurant. Pae To Go is a mobile app that will help your business increase revenue, get repeat sales, and increase the average ticket price of each order. Pae To Go also caters to the preference many diners currently have for a contactless, safe dining experience.

Providing access to your menu options at people’s fingertips, through their smartphones, will also position you to take advantage of the wonderful intersection of technology use and dining out habits. Studies show that the largest group of smartphone users, millennials, is also the group of people who dine out most frequently. Paying attention to these habits and tapping into the resources available is smart business practice.

Pae To Go can help a restaurant grow their online presence with a helpful system for ordering food. The app will combine on one ordering platform everything from fast food to classic dining and provide increased exposure for coffee shops and bakeries, as well as taverns and family-owned, independent businesses. Operators who want to provide the best ordering and food delivery experience will benefit from using this simple yet comprehensive online ordering system.

Pae To Go, built for both iPhone and Android, provides access to restaurant’s existing digital menus expanding the user’s access to all available, local options instead of having to visit each restaurant’s site individually. If you don’t currently have an online menu or mobile food ordering system, this app gives you the option to either enter your own menu, or to integrate with Square for full ordering capability. Pae To Go also provides the options your customers want, whether that is using a third-party delivery service or scheduling curb-side pickup at your location.

This unique mobile app will help a participating restaurant fulfill more orders with less staff by increasing their online orders. The online platform’s quick and easy-to-use features will allow each restaurant to fulfill more online orders. The one-time ordering feature will reduce credit card fees for coffee and boutique shops in particular, who pay a fee for each individual point of sale transaction conducted with patron’s multiple purchases made while spending time at the shop.

Food delivery was a $26.5 billion industry in 2020 and is projected to hit $42 billion by 2025. This is a hefty piece of economic pie that could really benefit and boost a restaurant’s profits. Restaurant and coffee shop owners are already courageous and creative people who are committed to delivering both excellent food and memorable customer service. Why not engage in the current market of heightened mobile ordering practices that will be key for future growth? As the past year has driven interest and access to more mobile food ordering, partnering with Pae To Go will allow your business to flex and grow with the changes in the dining-out industry.