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Mobile, online ordering is here to stay as a part of our dining out and coffee culture. Have questions about how restaurant customers can order food using mobile apps and how to get started using an online ordering system for your restaurant or restaurants? See the list of frequently asked questions below.

What is mobile ordering?

Mobile ordering is convenient way to order food from a mobile phone.

Customers open an app on their phone and then search for a restaurant menu. Once they choose a menu, they select their food, then complete the order and make the payment through the app. Customers do not need to place phone calls or enter a restaurant in order to place an order for food, because everything is done online, through the app. Mobile ordering allows a customer to pick products and times most convenient for them, and provides a contactless customer experience.

How does mobile ordering work?

Mobile ordering connects a customer directly with a restaurant’s menu.

Once a customer opens a mobile online ordering app, they can locate the menu, order food, and easily complete payments, all through the online ordering system. Restaurants provide digital menus and receive notice of orders which the staff then fill. Mobile online ordering apps provide a single place for customers to order food, schedule a pick up, and pay, all in one place. With more and more people comfortable using technology, mobile food ordering apps are a useful tool for both consumers and business owners. For restaurants that don’t currently have their own mobile ordering app or online ordering system, read the frequently asked questions listed below.

How do I setup an online ordering system?

What you want in an online ordering system is a solution that is seamless, cost-effective, and one that integrates with your point of sale system (POS system). Pae To Go provides that for you: a few quick minutes uploading your menu and linking to a payment processor, and you’ll be ready to receive orders.

How do I create a mobile order app?

In order to create a mobile order app for your restaurant business, you have two options: You can find a really good software developer and plan to pay anywhere from fifty to one hundred thousand dollars, or you can use a free mobile order app like Pae To Go.

Pae To Go is universal app that gives customers access to multiple menus all in one place, making it easier for the hungry customer who wants to order food. With Pae To Go, you can benefit from the already-developed, easy to use software by just connecting your restaurant menu and POS system to the app. It’s a secure, simple process. The question of how to begin using this amazing technology just became easier. Restaurants who take advantage of existing technology can focus more on their specialty: making delicious food and providing excellent customer service.

How do online food ordering systems work?

Online food ordering systems connect to an online menu for your restaurant then sync orders and payments with your restaurant website or your POS. Online food ordering systems allow you to receive multiple orders and streamline your fulfillment process. Food ordering systems can allow the customer to create an account which makes it easier for them to repeat their favorite food orders. You can integrate your restaurant logo, increase sales, and in general, level-up your restaurant or coffee business.

How will a mobile food ordering app save me time and money?

Online ordering systems help make food ordering better for everybody. Online ordering makes your food order fulfillment process more streamlined, using your staff time more efficiently. Online ordering reduce errors that can happen when taking phone orders, and restaurants who use ordering apps can increase their sales with increased visibility on mobile ordering sites. With Pae To Go, you won’t have to spend money on developing your own software or mobile app in order to make it easier for customers to order food. Also, when customers order food online, they tend to spend more, and that single payment saves you money from each individual POS purchase a customer might make on a dine-in experience.

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