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Dear restaurant owner who realizes your industry is changing and you want to and need to keep up but you don’t know how: This letter is for you.

The rapid increase in mobile ordering from customers who want a contactless and quick way to place and pick up online orders has been startling. Seventy-five percent of restaurants plan to offer contactless, online orders and payment systems. You want to be one of them and not just view active trends in restaurant business, but participate in them.

You have likely already discovered that using Square for your point of sale (POS) system is effective and efficient. Square online allows customers to pay and tip quickly, easily and safely. You trust Square. Square online provides smart and helpful online Square dashboards, Square online overviews, and a helpful way to manage orders and view order status. Square online is a solid, reliable service provider.

But even if you already utilize a simple and effective POS system like Square, you may not know how Square online can integrate with and enhance your mobile ordering offers.

Why is offering mobile ordering so important?

Sixty percent of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week. Unless your restaurant can provide an easy way for these diners to find and order from your menu, you will lose access to this consumer base.

If your restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery is not offering online ordering, you are missing out on more customers, more sales volume, more repeat customers, and the opportunity to upsell orders through suggested add-ons and sides.

Not offering mobile ordering options can also cost you walk-in business. If you don’t provide a mobile, order-ahead option for your customers, a customer arriving at your location may encounter long lines and, not wanting to wait, simply leave and place an online order ahead at a competitor’s location simply to save time and avoid waiting. You’ve just lost a sale.

Mobile ordering can also provide your restaurant with more efficient was to manage orders, make sure order details are correct, keep track of order status, offer customer loyalty programs, even make it easy for a customer to purchase gift cards. Forty-five percent of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often, which in turn boosts your sales.

With restaurants expecting sixty-two percent of their sales to come through takeout or delivery, you can picture how an “online store” for your restaurant’s menu is becoming more and more necessary. Customers like being able to check an existing orders tab and to check their order status.

Invest in doing thing smarter

Now that you realize that providing mobile ordering is necessary to the future growth of your business, you can benefit from integrating your existing Square dashboard and other Square online services with an online ordering app.

“Retail has changed rapidly over the last year,” said Square’s head of eCommerce, David Rusenko. “But the transformation is giving retailers (and restaurant owners) a chance to slow down and invest in doing things smarter across both in-store and online channels. The changes aren’t a way to simply make it through – they’re permanent and redefining what a meaningful retail experience can look like.”

Pae To Go, a completely free, mobile ordering restaurants app can set you up to provide the “meaningful experiences” your existing and future customers are looking for. For free, you can create a digital menu or upload your existing one, allowing your menu to appear on the same platform as your competitors. You don’t need your own mobile restaurants app. With one click, Pae To Go will connect with your Square online service to allow you to receive mobile, online orders instantly. With the partnership integrations Pae To Go offers, you can create a convenient online store experience for your restaurant.

Square online already offers your customers the ability to pay through their preferred method, even using Square gift cards, and provides an online Square dashboard for you to monitor and track your orders and revenue.

Integrating with Square online will allow you to spend your time creating new menu offerings and streamlining your systems, while you spend less time on manually checking orders status, your orders tab, and verifying a customer’s order details.

Why wait?

Get started today offering your customers an easy way to view your menu, place an order, and pay for that order. Pae To Go’s partnership with Square online provides what you need to ride this economic wave of contactless, remote food ordering.