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Books, photos, newsletters, and now menus – digital media has invaded our daily lives and has changed the way we look for information. Digital menu boards inside restaurants have proven to be helpful for fast food and other quick service restaurants, and we’ve become accustomed to the convenience of scanning digital signage for the most up-to-date information about a retailer’s hours, specials, and promotions. Signage displays are quick and easy to change and customize, making them a helpful and reliable source of content.

But we no longer just see digital displays on roadside signage—more and more we find them located on the screens of our mobile devices. One of the best ways for a restaurant to gain “real estate” in the digital world is to provide a digital menu board for customers to easily access and use your restaurant menu.

Following are 12 ways a digital menu can help your restaurant:

Digital menus are easy to find

A hungry customer in search of a quick, satisfying take-out meal or snack can find what they are looking for when using a mobile app that links to your restaurant’s digital menu board. Just entering a few key strokes in the app leads them to your restaurant menu, making it easy to scan and make an order. Gone are the days of searching through piles of junk mail in search of the take-out menu that came stapled to the last order; digital menus never get lost or accidentally thrown out!

Digital menu boards are easy to change

Innovative restaurant owners want to add or drop items from their menus as seasons change and as demand for certain items rises and falls. Did your baker use up leftover chocolate chips to create a new, delicious cookie? Those can be added to your online menu, making them instantly visible to customers on your digital menu board. Price changes can also be added to digital displays in response to supply and demand factors that influence your inventory and bottom lines.

Digital menu boards are easy to customize

Perhaps your restaurant adds a unique, locally-sourced item on the menu. That information can easily be added and highlighted on a digital signage display. Are you offering extended hours to correspond with a festival or event in your city? Adding announcements can help keep your customers informed of changes in your normal schedule, offering them new opportunities for purchases. A digital menu board can help you advertise special events and upcoming promotions.

Digital menus make it easy to upsell

Imagine a customer wants to place a simple sandwich order, but when they are searching your digital menu, they see a deal that combines sides and dessert or drink. That offer becomes more tempting and now, through just the words and images on your digital page, you have succeeded in adding to a customer’s sale. Fast food providers have mastered this strategy, and it’s time that other quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries, for example, take advantage of the opportunities that packaged offerings present.

Digital signage makes it easy to advertise specials and special events

Since the pandemic, many restaurants have added curbside pickups or mobile pop-ups to their existing brick and mortar locations. You can use an online digital display to promote your special events, like your establishment’s anniversary celebration, or where your mobile food truck or table might be. Holidays present other opportunities to offer specials like take-and-bake pizzas or baked goods, party platters, or themed drink specials to accompany meal orders. Easily-changed digital signage displays allow you to add specialty menu items that will interest both your new and returning customers.

Digital menus can be easily linked to social media

Both a restaurant promoting specials and a customer who is enjoying their latte or other specialty coffee benefit from social media posts and mentions that link to a digital menu. A picture is worth a thousand words and when you are able to post pictures of newly-made baked items or farm-fresh salads using locally-sourced ingredients on social media, customers will find it hard to resist checking out those and your other menu items.

Digital displays can save time and money

A contactless, digital menu has become the preferred method for a customer to scan a menu. Paper menus can get damaged or outdated and need to be replaced; once a digital menu board is available, you don’t have to keep spending money on disposable menus. Since price changes and specials can be updated, your digital menu board is constantly up-to-date and you don’t need to redo and print a new menu every day.

Digital menus can be easily integrated with a restaurant’s mobile app

Whether you have used menu templates to complete your menu board, or have created a custom one, you can easily upload it to an app for display. Even if you don’t have a custom mobile app for your restaurant, you can connect with a free mobile app like Pae To Go and instantly have a platform for engaging customers with your menu.

Digital displays make it easy to highlight popular items

A digital menu board can be simply rearranged to help you list your most popular items first. You know what sells and what keeps customers returning—share that information with new customers through highlights on your digital signage and help them experience it first-hand.

Digital menus become easily accessible through a QR code

A QR code integrates with digital menu through a mobile app. Customers can quickly scan a QR code while already in the restaurant to make additional orders. They don’t need to wait for a server to come by or to track down a paper menu, which can save both personnel costs and costs associated with printing accurate disposable menus when there are price or menu changes. A QR code allows for contactless ordering and, once on the mobile app, for contactless payment. This process can also reduce wait times during a customer’s stay.

Digital menus can automate the display based on the audience, the time, or the season

If your restaurant has different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, those can be scheduled to appear within the chosen windows of availability. The more specific your digital signage is, the better the communication with your customers. If you have different menu items available on different days of the week, you menu board can reflect that.

Digital menus allow for more control

A manager can make changes to a digital menu boards from anywhere, either through a specific menu board app or through the restaurant’s mobile app allows there to be real-time changes reflecting a restaurant’s offerings. Managing a digital menu reduces errors by employees and on misprinted menus.

Give online, digital menu boards a try: you will quickly see the benefits.