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Gathering together to enjoy a good meal among family, friends, teammates, and coworkers is one of our favorite ways to spend time together as a culture. Celebrating wins and successes, observing holiday traditions, being together for comfort during loss —these are all ways of relating that are actually ancient traditions. What is new, however, is how quickly and easily the food and drinks we want at the center of our gatherings have become available through the technology of mobile apps. Mobile restaurant ordering apps provide quick, easy access to restaurant food.

Sixty percent of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week: that’s a lot of takeout! Add to that the fact that mobile ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. These statistics combine to paint a picture that online ordering is a permanent and growing feature of our food ordering culture. Restaurants need a mobile ordering app in order to participate in the productivity and profit that a mobile app can provide.

Following are 3 frequently asked questions about mobile food ordering apps:

Is there an app to take orders?

A mobile app can take mobile orders and so much more: an app can store a customer’s preferences, allow a restaurant to promote certain food items, promote loyalty programs, and an offer easy, secure payment options. An app that integrates with a restaurant’s online ordering system will streamline the order intake and fulfillment process. The app can list your menu items, advertise specials, and create an efficient customer experience.

What is mobile ordering app?

A mobile ordering app is an option for a mobile phone that allows a customer access to the online ordering system of a restaurant, allowing a customer to search for a menu, place an online food order, schedule a pick up, and pay for the order. Mobile apps make online food ordering quick and convenient for the customer, and provide boosts for the restaurant, whether a quick service, boutique, or specialty restaurant.

A mobile app is useful inside your location, as well, allowing a customer to scan a QR code to quickly access your menu and save time from waiting in line. Online ordering and paying is much faster than in line standing and struggling with credit card readers.

How do I create a mobile order app?

You may be familiar with large chains and QSRs (quick service restaurants) who offer custom mobile apps allowing them to promote their restaurant mobile site, but those can be expensive and time consuming to create. Any restaurant, large or small, can use an app like Pae To Go—an app that is completely free—which allows the restaurant to upload an existing menu or integrate with Square to create one. A customer with the Pae To Go app can easily find your menu, place an order and pay. Pae To Go makes online ordering incredibly easy, and is completely free.

Within minutes, you can have access to the 85 percent of adults who have smartphones. You don’t have to create your own mobile app, but you do want your restaurant to be available at someone’s fingertips on their mobile phone.

Online food ordering and mobile ordering may change the way we get our food, but what hasn’t changed is how much we all like to have food at the center of meaningful get togethers and events. Restaurants who want to stay on the innovative and competitive edge of their business will take full advantage of the mobile app world that we live in. Take time today to invest in your company’s online presence through stepping up your ordering system game using a mobile app.