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Returning to the office. Driving kids to sports practices. Summer vacation. In person summer holiday gatherings. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Americans are back on the road, and back to being in a hurry to “get it all done.” We’re beginning to taste the freedoms of being free and active again. Restaurants who provide online ordering systems, especially those available via mobile apps, are well-positioned to attract and keep customers who have all of a sudden become more mobile in 2021.

Providing a mobile ordering option simply makes sense. Mobile ordering allows customers to plan ahead, reducing time spent waiting in line to order, pay, or pick up their orders. Online restaurant ordering systems fit many values of our current lifestyle : speed, choices, convenience, and control.

Over half of all diners will use a food ordering app on their mobile device in order to view menus and prices, which indicates that people are comfortable engaging with ordering app technology and are turning it more and more to accomplish routine tasks like ordering food online. Mobile apps are available for everything from music to fitness to social connection to retail ordering, and restaurants who develop a strong online ordering system step into a ready-made market of consumers.

In 2021, seventy-five percent of restaurants plan on utilizing an online ordering system providing contactless services and convenient payment options, according to a Square study Participating with this trend in online restaurant ordering systems, especially through mobile ordering apps, will help your restaurant stay competitive.

Benefits of a mobile ordering app for restaurants

  1. When using a restaurant ordering app, buyers tend to spend more money than when in person. People people don’t feel as rushed when placing a mobile order and can take their time to make the best decision. In addition, mobile ordering options can include package upgrades or add-ons that a customer may not have thought of. Also, customers may be willing to spend more for the convenience that online food ordering provides. Simply put, mobile apps open up options for customers.
  2. Restaurants who offer online ordering systems experience benefits to their in-house organization and productivity. Restaurant ordering systems provide more accurate ordering, saving time during order fulfillment and pick up. Mistakes that commonly happen during phone orders are avoided when customers use online ordering systems. Food ordering systems allow for better organization of orders, allowing the staff to prioritize and prepare. Organized, streamlined orders can help a staff save both time and effort, allowing them to handle an increased number of orders.
  3. Mobile ordering systems can promote loyalty programs. Such programs, when connected with online food ordering apps, help an establishment draw in customers and keep them coming back. Incentives and rewards, when paired with smooth, smart online ordering systems, help build a solid customer base. All this can be available through mobile apps.
  4. The customer experience is more pleasing. When customers can order ahead using a mobile ordering app, they don’t have to worry about long wait-times that can happen when food ordering onsite. Customers can schedule pickups of prepared orders placed through mobile apps at their convenience.
  5. A mobile ordering app gives you wide visibility. Because mobile apps are so popular, people can have find your restaurant from wherever they are, not just if they happen to be driving by your location. Your restaurant’s presence online, especially when connected to a convenient online ordering system, can boost your sales and add to your customer base. Getting exposure to first-time customers already in search of mobile ordering options spurs your growth.
  6. Providing customers with cashless transaction options. As our commerce has moved more and more cashless, food ordering apps with convenient payment options create smooth transactions and appeal to a customer’s desire for convenience and security.
  7. Receiving customer reviews and ratings. While a mobile app’s main purpose will be to receive orders and increase your sales, if the online ordering system makes it easy for customers to leave reviews, your reputation can receive a boost as well.

What are my options for providing mobile ordering?

A custom app is an option, but using a custom restaurant app builder for your specific restaurant can be costly and time consuming.

An existing restaurant ordering app, like Pae To Go, can offer, for free, a connection to a robust online ordering system that will allow a customer to easily find your restaurant, place their order, arrange a time for pickup, and pay, all in one place. Pae To Go is a mobile app that will allow your restaurant’s digital menu to appear on the same platform as those who have a custom food ordering app, but for free. Partnering with mobile apps that have already built an online ordering system through a restaurant app builder can immediately connect you to the benefits of food ordering apps.

If you have a digital menu already, it’s easy to connect it to an existing online ordering system to offer your customers mobile ordering conveniences.

Don’t get left behind

With more and more people on the move, and our growing comfort with using mobile apps for everything from banking to music to food ordering, now is the time to develop or advance your mobile ordering system. Once your customers taste the convenience and accuracy available when they order through mobile apps, they’ll keep coming back.